For this SQL server concat rows example, We use the below-shown data In this example, we will show you how to Concatenate Rows using the COALESCE Function. DECLARE @LongStringFirstNames VARCHAR(MAX) SELECT @LongStringFirstNames = COALESCE(@LongStringFirstNames + ', ', '') + [FirstName] FROM [Customers] SELECT. Spark concatenate is used to merge two or more string into one string. In many scenarios, you may want to concatenate multiple strings into one. For example, you may want to concatenate "FIRST NAME" & "LAST NAME" of a customer to show his "FULL NAME". In Spark SQL Dataframe, we can use concat function to join multiple string into one string. Spark SQL replacement for MySQL's GROUP_CONCAT aggregate function Before you proceed: This operations is yet another another groupByKey . While it has multiple legitimate applications it is relatively expensive so be sure to use it only when required.

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