American social classes in the 1950s by Vance Packard, 1995, Bedford Books of St. Martin's Press edition, in English American social classes in the 1950s (1995 edition) | Open Library It looks like you're offline. The 1960s and 70s were especially turbulent with the rise of the National Front and the backlash they faced from the Anti-Nazi League and the Socialist Worker's Party. Today, resistance to fascism continues, notably with organisations made up of working class and ethnic minority representatives, like the London Black Revolutionaries. Contemporary Social Dances. Figures for freestyle social dancing in the 21st century. Waltzes » Waltz & Reverse Waltz (Rotary Waltz, Viennese Waltz) » Cross-Step Waltz ... The 1950s. Couple Dances » Merengue (1950s) » Rock 'n' Roll (1950s) » Bandstand Waltz (1950s) » The Tumbra (1955) (Foxtrot in Waltz Time) Sequence Dances. I grew up in a working class district of the city of Nottingham called the Meadows. The area was built on what formally had been pasture land and meadows in around the 1840s. But by the 1940s with street after street the area had precious little of its green open spaces left. The only green I can remember was the local Recreation Park.

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