Search: Slurricane Feminized Seeds. (Dub Bub, Slurricane F1 Reversal or Puro Loco) Feminized Cannabis Seeds - 10 Feminized seeds SUPREME GRAPES Slurricane $ 200 Slurricane was created by crossing two first-class trend varieties: a Nor-Cal-Cut of Do-Si-Dos was crossed with an extremely potent and long-selected Purple Punch Amazon Virtual Interview Sde Slurricane was. Slurricane sensations Reported by 322 real people like you Strain effects Feelings Sleepy Relaxed Hungry Negatives Headache Dry eyes Dizzy Strain. Effects of Slurricane Weed Strain (Based on User Reviews) Relaxation: Slurricane is a heavy stone. As you inhale, you’ll feel the light tingle wash over your body and slowly begin to relax. As you breathe in, you’ll feel a slight tingling sensation that begins in the stomach and sweeps across the body due to the Slurricane's THC content.

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