Black Retro furniture to mimic later production AR-10 ® rifles Weight: 8 lbs Receivers designed by FM Products are machined from billet 7075-T6 aluminum Trigger style charging handle underneath the carry handle is retained by internal detent system 308 Winchester 20" QPQ 1-10 Rifle Length Barrel Assembly manufactured by Faxon. Colt Matching Furniture Set - M16A1 Trap Door Stock. $290.00. Colt M16A2 Stock - Trap Door with hardware. $69.00. Retro Rifles. Pistol Grip - Original Colt M16 / A1. $19.00. Retro Rifles. Colt Triangle Handguards - Original 1960's Fiberglass - AR15 / M16 / M16A1. Retro Rifles Colt 733 Commando (735, C8, 6933.. movies Black Hawk Down & Heat) $947.00 - $1,107.00 Options Retro Rifles Colt M16A1E1 (1981) $947.00 - $1,057.00 Options Retro Rifles Colt 601 - First model AR-15 Project Agile (1960-1962) $947.00 - $1,117.00 Options Retro Rifles Colt M16A2 $947.00 - $1,057.00 Options Retro Rifles.

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