Python SQLite. Python sqlite3 is an excellent module with which you can perform all possible DB operations with in-memory and persistent database in your applications. This module implements the Python DB API interface to be a compliant solution for implementing SQL related operations in a program. Using sqlite3 module. In this section, we will. The type system of the :mod:`sqlite3` module is extensible in two ways: you can store additional Python types in an SQLite database via object adaptation, and you can let the :mod:`sqlite3` module convert SQLite types to different Python types via converters.. Using adapters to store custom Python types in SQLite databases. SQLite supports only a limited set of data types natively. Python sqlite3 - Learn Sqlite Database operations like how to create a connection object to the database, create a table in the database, insert records into the table, select rows from the table based on a clause, update row(s) based on a clause, delete rows or complete table if required, etc.

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