Lord, I come to You with this prayer for our land. You promise that when your people pray, humble themselves, and seek You, You will hear and answer. You even promise healing in the land. Lord, our land needs healing from disunity, hate, unrighteousness, idolatry and I believe it starts with me. Pray this prayer for land inheritances with me: “Father God, in Jesus’ name, I thank You for all Your promises that tell me You desire to give me land. Father, I thank You that it’s the blood of Jesus, who died but then rose again and is alive. Daily prayers for any type of help you need from God. Find a list of powerful prayers requests on Holy Land Prayer. Person of Prayer (1 of 3) by Robert Walker. When I think of great men of prayer, men who accomplished great things for God, I think of Elijah. Here is a man who called down fire from heaven, brought a widow's son back to life, ran faster than a horse, traveled 40 days and 40 nights on the strength of one meal.

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