In Power Automate, we need to parse a lot of strings and collections and, sometimes, it's essential to understand if we have something that exists inside another collection. Power Automate has the "contains" function that helps with this.. For example, if you want to go through a list of people and get the unique names, you would need to: Define an array variable. Select the data and press Alt+F1 to insert a default chart. You can change the default chart to any chart type. Nov 11, 2020 · Compare the data in the Excel files. I’m now going to build the following flow. Starting by adding an Apply to each step, setting the source of my data to. This will make the flow step trough all the records in my second Excel file. Inside the Apply to each I’m adding a filter action. this filter action has a From set to.. STEP 1 - Create New Task. Click the New task option to create a new EDT Task. Enter a task name, select the insert or update table from any source option. Click Next and you will be brought to the target connection configuration page. Click new to connect to a target.

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