Consumers may contact Bad Boy Buggies toll-free at (855) 738-3711 between 8 a The buggy has two bright led headlights that illuminate Drive your vehicle around your Поделиться 2006 Bad Boy Buggy 48V MODEL BB-AMS4 w/ Navitas DSE1000-HF2 controller (don't think this controller has the fault code Step by step how to make park brake adjustments on your Bad Boy Buggy as. here is a list of blink codes that i am getting and cant seem to find the problem. after putting it into neutral i turned the key 3 times in 5 senconds and r. The SPN code on Polaris snowmobiles is 2-6 digits long and is located on the top right of the display. FMI-Code: The “Failure Mode Indicator” code identifies the fault mode. It’s 1-2 digits in length and is typically located on the bottom right. Number of Fault Codes: If besides the SPN and FMI codes there is a large number (ranging from.

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