This short story tells about an old woman who takes a role of a mother just for a short period of time, because Roger is boy, he is alone with anyone who cares him. Probably Langston wanted represent his grandmother into Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones because she raised him in his childhood until she died when he was a teenager. Peter Pan originally debuted as an infant in The Little White Bird, a novel written by J.M. Barrie for adults in 1902. Though he's only prominent in a few chapters, the book's popularity — due. Search: Figurative Language In Moana. For example, a description like, “the pale fingers of dawn scratched at the cloak of night, caressing the tops of the mountains and limning them in soft gold as midnight purple gave way to pastel pinks and blues” might sound out of place in a piece whose voice isn’t Figurative language, or figures of speech, helps us visualize the. This research is purposed to find and analyze the three types of deixis analysis using George Yule (1996) theory and the dominant type of deixis found in Moana movie script. The researcher selected this movie as subject of analysis because the popularity of the movie and also it consisted many deictic words.

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