The log package consists of logging functions that allow us to log data at various segments of a program. Here are some of the functions discussed in detail. 1. The Fatal function. The fatal function is just like the print function the difference is that it calls os.Exit (1) at the end. Here are all of the Fatal functions in action. Logrus是Go(golang)的结构化logger,与标准库logger完全API兼容。. 它有以下特点:. 完全兼容标准日志库,拥有七种日志级别: Trace, Debug, Info, Warning, Error, Fatal and Panic 。. 可扩展的Hook机制,允许使用者通过Hook的方式将日志分发到任意地方,如本地文件系统,logstash. gomol 4 2 - Multiple-output, structured logging for Go with extensible logging outputs. gone/log 3 3 - Fast, extendable, full-featured, ...logrus 4k 662 - Structured logger for Go. logrusly 15 8 - logrus 2k 296 plug-in to send errors to a Loggly. logutils 26 7 - Utilities for slightly better logging in Go. At DENT Instruments, we take great pride in the design and manufacture of industry.

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