Whilst by law the Government cannot automatically defer jurors, advice has been issued to help those who wish to be released or deferred from jury service as a result of Covid-19 to do so, Mr. Call the Automated Jury Information System (AJIS) at 1-800-699-9840 or check your current status on our website for confirmation that your jury service has been postponed. You will be asked to provide your nine (9) digit juror participant number which is located on your summons. under the Criminal Procedure ( Scotland ) Act 1995; ... exemption up until the date you attend court. ... on a jury (this only applies where your previous attendance was on a date prior to 10th January 2011); you have attended court for jury service within the last two years but . SCS003Pilot. Wednesday 24th December 2014. Called twice, didnt do the first one due to work. 2nd one was this year. If you've served recently then this will apply. You cannot be made to sit on a jury more than.

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