SurvivalTech Nord. 8 Views. ·. May 7 at 7:06 AM. 1:01. When there's no sun, there's usually wind. We need to be prepared to operate without grid power using power we harvested ourselves and stored in a battery. If your radio uses some proprietary charging method, you'd be wise to look into a new radio or third-party charging method. #oh8stn #. Power on your radio and ensure its providing a WIFI hotspot or is connected to the same WIFI network as your computer. 2. Run Icom Remote and make a note of the com port number it provides 3. Run. js8call ; Issues IC-705 via Wifi Connection - 2.2.1-Dev Hamlib failures Create issue. Issue #431 new. Former user created an issue 2021-12-28. Good evening all, Have been addicted to FT8 / JS8 for some time now. I have searched and was unable to locate a duplicate. Checking in to see if this issue has been able to be replicated by others - IC. For the curious, the AH-705 is interesting because it completely integrates with the IC-705. No push button required for tuning. The AH-705 is switched on by the radio, and the radio and AH-705 do everything else entirely on their own. Change bands, it tunes up. Change antennas, it tunes up, and it's riduculously fast.

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