After all these preparation steps about SQL Server Agent, we need to configure SQL Server Reporting Service email settings. Launch the Reporting Service Configuration Manager Connect the SQL Server Reporting Service and click the E-mail Settings tab Fill the SMTP server credentials and email details to this screen. To configure email notifications at the alarm level for the database agents, log into the Foglight web console with the Foglight user and click on Databases. ... This video shows how to setup a single SQL Server agent for monitoring using the simple mode in Foglight Cartridge for SQL Server version Duration: 05:28. How to create SQL. E-mail address Enter your e-mail address, which we will use for sending an e mail, here you can specify your domain email id also as [email protected] After successfully configuring the Email in SQL server, we will see how to send Email programmatically, with the help of a system. How to set up email configuration. Step 1: Open SQL Server and log in. Step 2: Expand the Management tab and right-click on Database Mail, then select Configure Database Mail. Ste.

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