Compute the sign of an integer. Detect if two integers have opposite signs. The code above requires four operations, but when the bitwidth is a constant rather than variable, it requires only two fast operations, assuming the upper bits are already zeroes. Speed distance time problems rely on three key formulas. Use these illustrated sample questions to get them right every time. Typically, these questions involve something moving at a constant speed. From the three variables (speed, time or distance) you will be given two and required to calculate. Given two integer variables distance and speed, declare and initialize a time variable.Write an expression that calculates time by dividing distance by speed where the quotient can reflect fractions in the numerator. You may still perform all int operations on a variable of type UserId, but the result will always be of type int. This lets you pass in a UserId wherever an int might be expected, but will prevent you from accidentally creating a UserId in an invalid way.

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