Encrypting File System (EFS): The Encrypting File System (EFS) is a feature of the Windows 2000 operating system that lets any file or folder be stored in encrypted form and decrypted only by an individual user and an authorized recovery agent. ... Full file system vs physical extraction. gpd win 2 blinking red light. There are three generic types of extraction: logical, file system and physical, which provide a framework to consider extraction technologies. No one technology can access and extract all data from all phones, and no one type of extraction is guaranteed to be successful. The tar program takes one or more files and “wraps” them into a self-contained file . tar ~/Documents. option to extract the file ; z is option to tell tar to extract the file using gzip method; v stand for verbose, and you know what it mean. gz is used to signify this, however tar will fail if something is not right. exe" file to "compress.

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