It is for this reason that the construction statute of repose would bar any claims that might otherwise exist based on any defects in the original design, planning or construction of the Champlain Tower, since construction was completed almost 40 years ago, and the focus of lawsuits regarding the collapse will likely be on engineering and design reviews and work done. The case, Westfield Insurance Company v. Custom Agri Systems, Inc., 2012 Ohio 4712, arose from a dispute regarding the alleged faulty construction of. difference between a construction defect and a nuisance claim such as a squeaking fl oor or conditions resulting from lack of maintenance or ... then he is able to sue the . Liability for Defects in Construction Contracts - who pays and how much? page 4 3. Thorn v London Corporation (1876) - 1 App Cas 120. Building and construction can often result in construction lawsuits throughout Washington DC. Disputes related to construction can include faulty construction of buildings, defects in roofing.

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