Math. 258. information in the problem, to draw figures to visualize the information given, or to mark key information on graphs and diagrams provided in . REMEMBER the booklet. Knowing when to use a calculator is one of the skills that is assessed by the SAT Math Test. Keep in mind that some questions are actually solved. "/>

Learn more about the SAT Math Test . 1. A gas station sells regular gasoline for $2.39 per gallon and premium gasoline for $2.79 per gallon. If the gas station sold a total of 550 gallons of both types of gasoline in one day for a total of $1,344.50, how many gallons of premium gasoline were sold? (A) 25 (B) 75 (C) 175 (D) 475.. May 21, 2016 · So remember the magic number ‘100’ whenever you see a problem with the word “percent” in it but as always, practice makes perfect – so find more of these problems, such as those found in my 28 SAT Math Lessons Series. Click on the picture below for more information about these books..

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