We report outstanding/pending speeding tickets (including SP20, SP30, SP40, SP50, SP60) issued within the UK plus other information available relating to your vehicle and provide links to advice on speeding and speed awareness courses. NB: Our service is free for personal use but you are limited to fair use - a maximum of 1 vehicle check per day. Brownsburg Fire crews recover an SUV from a retention pond on West 56th Street Friday, June 17, 2022. We’re in Brownsburg where a vehicle collided with another and went into this pond. According to Brownsburg Fire spokesperson, 4 people inside. 2 made it out on their own. The others couldn’t swim and had to be rescued. Police shut the A66 after a crash involving a lorry and a car near Scotch Corner on Wednesday. National Highways (Yorkshire) confirmed the major road was shut between the A1 (M), Scotch Corner, and the A67, Bowes, following the crash. North Yorkshire Police raced to the scene. A spokesperson for National Highways said the crash involved a car. The affected area on the A66 (Image: Google Maps) The A66 has been closed in both directions in Cumbria as police attend the scene of a serious collision. North West Highways announced that the road has been completely closed while emergency services deal with the road traffic incident. It is not known how many vehicles are involved at this stage.

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