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FPS high cap This optional plug-in device offers the opportunity to increase the current operating capacity COLOR_BGR2GRAY) if callback: callback Update: Okay so Ive just tried Date Posted: Dec 27 If the fps is over 60, you'll. Hello, The problem is that in every game I play my fps (frames per second) is capped at 60. Though when I play it feels like it's around 30 and it drops to 30 every now and then as well. This problem occured when I did the latest firmware update on february the 16th. I have already tried to undo the update and go back to the version I had before. Nov 30, 2019 · For 60fps pre-capped games, smoothest motion experience: Refresh Rate = Maximum. Keep at 144 Hz for 144 Hz GSYNC. [email protected] GSYNC is lower lag than [email protected] GSYNC = ON. VSYNC = doesn't matter in this case. It's only for max-Hz handling (since a well framepaced 60fps game will never/rately trigger the fallback VSYNC handling, which occurs ....

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