The success rate for the transfer of a blastocyst stage embryo is the same as for 2 cell stage embryos , on day +3, which means a 59% probability of pregnancy for women under the age of 35. ... It is also important to note that patients who have only poor-quality euploid embryos (1-6BC; 1-6CB; 1-6CC; 1-2BB) should still consider undergoing. 04/09/2018 21:58. Subject: Blastocyst Grading? 3AA/AB/BB. Anonymous. The results of your PGS testing is way more important than the grade of your embryos. Over the course of my treatment, I had 19 embryos PGS tested. Some were graded higher than the others, but in the end, it was the PGS report that mattered. Therefore, a 7-cell Grade F embryo might have same chances of survival than a 8 cell grade A embryo on Day 3. So basically, a quality grade of embryo at Day 3 will be a 6-9-cell grade A embryo.If we talk about embryo grading and success rates, this is the first thing you need to know. Embryo grading Day 5. Jul 28, · Cleavage stage embryo (Day 2/Day 3 There are several criteria that are used to define what a perfect cleavage stage embryo is: (1) the number of cells at Day 2 or Day 3, (2) the amount of fragmentation, and (3) the variation in cell size.. Because of inconsistencies in Day 2/3 embryos >, in SART began its clinic members to report data in a specific way.

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